The Trust has three subcommittees to carry out the operations of the Trust. The members of the subcommittees include trustees and specialist advisors.

- The Restoration subcommittee has responsibility for matters concerning plants and animals.

- The Recreation subcommittee has responsibility for matters concerning visitors, education and heritage.

- The Commercial subcommittee has responsibility for fund raising and commercial arrangements.

1. The Trustees meet monthly to govern the trusts activities. The trust is audited annually by KPMG.

2. Outboard Boating Club of Auckland Inc. provides the base facilities for meetings and other administrative purposes.

3. The trustees liaise and communicate with iwi, Department of Conservation, and other stakeholders.


To restore, enhance and protect the indigenous flora and fauna and the

significant Maori and historic sites of Motuihe Island in consultation with

stakeholders. Members of the community will be provided with opportunities

to participate in the restoration and maintenance of Motuihe Island.


The Trust will promote the island as a visitor destination for interpreted

conservation, heritage and educational experience, and will undertake

commercial arrangements on the Island, which support the Trust vision,

to ensure the ongoing financial viability of the island.”


“The vision is that Motuihe Island will be a natural environment of

indigenous flora and fauna together with identified significant Maori and

European historic sites, offering a quality recreational, environmental and

educational experience to visitors.


Visitors to the island will be able to see native birds in their natural habitat,

close to white sandy beaches. They will be encouraged to walk around the

island and learn about conservation issues and the heritage of the Hauraki



Motuihe Trust is an incorporated charitable trust.



John Laurence

Deputy Chairman      

Position vacant

Secretary Michael Wood


Errol Tongs


Matt Baber

Stuart McIntosh

Simon Sheen

Julie Thomson

Peter Whitmore