Support Motuihe Trust 
There are various ways that you can support this community led island restoration project:
  • Donation of funds: This will assist the Trust in a variety of areas such as track upgrades. signage, nursery equipment or irrigation expense, weed control equipment maintenance or upgrade, specialised seed sourcing, tractor maintenance, translocation monitoring.  
  • As a volunteer on the island:  Similar to other restoration programmes, Motuihe Trust appreciates the assistance from volunteers whether it be corporate team building days, school educational trips, tramping, boating organisations etc. to individuals volunteers.  Every person brings different skills to the Project and assistance is required from kiosk operations, through to weed control.
  • Donate a Tree programme: Sponsor a tree as a gift, e.g. for yourself, friend, relative.  This is a great way to leave something positive for future visitors to the island.
  • Bequest: A bequest in your will to the Motuihe Trust will go towards the restoration and re-introduction of native flora and fauna to a special place in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. The gift will last long after you are gone for future generations and visitors to enjoy.
  • Become a Friend:  This is another way to support the Trust in a financial way
  • Merchandise:  Purchasing caps, t-shirts which will assist in promoting the project or buying an ice cream or drink on the island
  • Sponsorship:  This support can be financial or services rendered.

To enable Motuihe Trust to carry out island operations such as track construction /maintenance, biodiversity monitoring (reptile or Kiwi), weeding, guiding, nursery irrigation or equipment, plant propagation, planting and equipment maintenance requires funding.  The Trust has no fixed income source and relies on grants, donations and a small amount of revenue generated from kiosk operations. and volunteers to enable it to operate.