Your will gives you the opportunity to decide where your assets will go after your death. A bequest (also called a legacy) is a gift nominated in your will to one or more non-profit organisations.

A bequest in your will to the Motuihe Trust will go towards the restoration and re-introduction of native flora and fauna to a special place in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. The gift will last long after you are gone for future generations and visitors to enjoy.

The Motuihe Project is a long-term restoration project on Motuihe Island requiring ongoing maintenance and development. Bequests and donations will make a vital contribution to this project and the future development of the Trust.

Making a bequest is simple

All you need to do is contact your lawyer or a Trust Company to have the bequest added to your will.

Here is some official wording that you can send to your lawyer or Trust Company to have added to your will.

If you do not have a will, contact your lawyer or a Trust Company to have one made.

On behalf of Motuihe Trust, we thank you for your support.  


Official wording

Here is some suggested wording for a bequest that can be given to your lawyer to add to your will.

"I give the sum of $........................or.......................% of my estate or .......................% of the residue of my estate or [description of property or assets you wish to give] free of all charges to the Motuihe Trust, a registered charitable trust, for its general charitable purposes, and the receipt of the Secretary of the Motuihe Trust will be a full discharge to my trustees."

Signed by the donor and two witnesses:

Donor name: Signature:

Witness name: Signature

Witness name: Signature: